Local artists age 55 and older should start planning their entries for C.C. Young’s annual competition “Spirit is Ageless Art & Writing Contest.”

The contest, which began in 1999, has 19 categories. The general public may enter one piece for free and an additional piece for $10. Entries are eligible as long as the art was made after the contestant was 55. Neighbors should bring submissions to The Point at C.C. Young in person on Tuesday, March 27, and Wednesday, March 28.

“C.C. Young is dedicated to serving our residents and community so that each individual can grow in body, mind and spirit, no matter their life’s circumstance or limitations,” says Brian Parman, director of The Point & Pavilion at C.C. Young. “This contest inspires and celebrates each individual’s creativity.”

The competition’s award ceremony will be at The Point on Saturday, April 21. The keynote speaker will be J.D. Miller, artist and co-founder of Samuel Lynne Galleries. Neighbors can RSVP at rsvp@ccyoung.org or 214-841-2831.

Complete event information and submission guidelines can be found here.