Photo of Mu Di from WFAA

Photo of Mu Di from WFAA

If you saw WFAA’s broadcast last night, you noticed how enamored everyone seems to be with one Bryan Adams High School student, Mu Di, a refugee from Burma, a war-torn region also known as Myanmar. And it’s no wonder. The young woman recently joined the Dallas Youth Commission which includes student leaders who advise the Dallas City Council.

She did so 10 years after her family fled a civil war to come to the United States. She told reporter David Schechter of the violence and terror she witnessed in the years before moving to East Dallas.

“There was war. Each year, there was a group of soldiers who came and burned all the houses, killed the women. Rapes. Took the men, killed the child,” Di told Schechter. “They have no mercy, at all.”

He was impressed with his young interviewee. “I just met Mu Di, a Burmese refugee, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to change the world,” Schechter remarks on his official Facebook page. “The junior at Bryan Adams High School survived war to get here and now she’s thinking about improving human rights and stopping domestic violence.”

“Plus she can see into my soul,” he jokes.

City Councilman Mark Clayton raved about the young woman and how, while he’s met some impressive young people, she is special.

You can see the full story about Mu Di here.

[Source: WFAA]

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