Bryan Adams feeder pattern schools are exploring calendar options to remedy learning loss caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have had many discussions with East Dallas parents and teachers about the school calendar options,” District 3 trustee Dan Micciche said. “Based on that feedback, I have been working with the administration to come up with a plan that I think will work best for our community and that maximizes choice.”

All schools in the Bryan Adams feeder pattern will adhere to the traditional calendar with enhanced summer school programs for students who need additional instruction.

If parents and teachers at a school ask for and demonstrate strong support for the intersession calendar, the administration will consider it for that school only. In the intersession model, the school year begins earlier in August and ends in June, rather than May. Throughout the school year, there will be five intersession weeks for small groups of students who need more individualized instruction. Other students will be on break.

“There are some real benefits to an intersession calendar, but it does not work for a lot of families,” Micciche said. “I am hopeful that one or two school communities in our feeder will request and be granted permission to use the intersession calendar.”

If that happens, transfers to or from a school on the intersession calendar will be permitted.
Read more about Dallas ISD’s proposed changes to the academic calendar here.

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