Several months ago, citizens were polled about the most important issue facing our City. The top five responses, in order of priority were:

  • Crime control, 59.82 percent
  • Basic infrastructure (streets, curbs, alleys, sidewalks), 12.39 percent
  • Increasing opportunities for all races, 9.39 percent
  • City services (garbage, culture, parks), 7.26 percent
  • City taxes, 3.88 percent

Judging by this poll, the City’s Bond Election, to be held May 6, contains many programs addressing citizens’ top concerns.

Crime remains the number one priority of many citizens. Recently, the Council approved a five-percent pay raise per year for three years for our police officers. We must maintain competitive salaries to keep our best officers.

Police issues were also addressed in the Bond Program. In proposition two, $5 million is included to complete a new police headquarters. The City owns the building at 500 South Ervay (across from City Hall), which will probably be used for the new police headquarters.

East Dallas’ infrastructure needs were also addressed in the Bond Program. Neighborhood Council representatives worked to include additional funding for streets, alleys and sidewalks, on top of the original staff recommendation, which included substantial improvements for East Dallas. More than $87 million is in proposition one for infrastructure improvements.

The Bond Program also has funding for improvements to several East Dallas parks, including Samuel Grand, Harry Stone, Buckner, Monarch and Cochran. Overall, $19.2 million is included in proposition five for our parks, playgrounds and recreation centers.

There is also funding to repair roofs and fix buildings so our employees can be more efficient and effective. Proposition six has $2.9 million for this purpose, along with funding to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Proposition four includes funding for Old City Park, half a million; Dallas Zoo, $6.7 million; Fair Park, $8.4 million; Hispanic Cultural Center, $3.5 million; and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, $5 million.

Funding for dredging White Rock Lake is contained in proposition eight. The City Council included $9 million for desilting and shoreline improvements.

The Bond Program was designed so that no tax increase is required. For information on the Bond Program, call 462-6637 (GO-BONDS).

The poll also asked: What is the second most important issue facing the City? The top responses were the same, though the order changed slightly. The responses are as follows:

  • Increased opportunities for all races
  • City taxes
  • Crime control
  • Basic infrastructure
  • City services

In my opinion, the May 1995 Bond Program will help us meet these challenges. I hope you will join me in voting yes for all of the Bond propositions May 6.

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