In the not-so-long-ago past, "reporters" were required to be unbiased and objective, and tried their utmost to never allow their personal opinions to inform their writing. Well, blissfully (to me, anyway), those days flitted out the window with the advent of the blog. Bloggers are supposed to be biased, opinionated, and invested. The buzzword now is "transparency"; you as a reader should know who and what the blogger is affiliated with when reading their posts. The onus (really? onus?) is on the reader to be aware of the writer’s bias. So, in keeping with good transparency, this week’s Wednesday music what-up is all about White Rock Coffee, and, well, me.

Nancy and Bob Baker are two of my favorite East Dallasites, not only because they fuel my serious caffeine addiction, but also because they are taking on The Man, aka Starbucks. They have, IMHO, better coffee, a better location, and a better vibe than the megalith from that hippie western state. They have free trade coffee, which makes everyone feel good, and they support the neighborhood. And now, tah-dah!, they also support me! They have kindly asked me to begin booking music for White Rock Coffee, and I have just filled their Friday and Saturday night calendar with wonderful musicians. Instead of posting the complete listing here, I’m sending you there. All through the summer, I’ll be adding great acoustic musicians to their line-up, so keep checking back. The best part is that it is all free. (Please tip the musicians, generously.) Well, free except for that great cup of decaf, which you were planning to have anyway.

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