Dallas police are noticing more families out riding bicycles during the pandemic, and they’re cautioning neighbors to take extra precautions to prevent bicycle theft. A few simple measures can protect your bicycle investment and extend the family fun.

After a ride, police say:

Use a reliable bike lock (or two). “D” or “U” style locks are best.
Lock your bike properly.
Take your bike inside when possible.
Choose a location carefully if parking in a public area.
Take a photo of your bike.
Record the make, model and serial number.

On Nextdoor, reports of missing bicycles have increased during the coronavirus outbreak.

“If you see anyone riding around on a gold women’s Marin bike, it’s mine,” Junius Heights neighbor Ella Ewart-Pierce wrote on Nextdoor. “While we were home 9-10:30 a.m. ish someone came right up to the house into our carport and took it. I thought it was locked with a Kryptonite but I had a couple of bikes locked together and it looks like that one wasn’t looped in. I have reported this information to the police.”

Police said that many businesses are sold out of bikes because of the high demand during COVID-19 quarantine, and that adds to the problem.