all photos via The T Shop/Facebook

all photos via The T Shop/Facebook

The votes are in: Advocate readers have named The T Shop (1911 Abrams Parkway, Suite 102) as the best gift shop in the neighborhood.

Lakewood resident Lori Trent first opened the Trent Shop inside an Uptown jewelry store belonging to husband and designer Matthew Trent. Regulars quickly dubbed the gift mecca the “T Shop” for the monogrammed tags adorning its candles, handmade jewelry, cards, and home decor. But change was coming for the T shop. Matthew Trent’s jewelry store was slated to relocate to Highland Park. Fearing the gift shop wouldn’t work in the new space, Trent held a private sale at her home to shed inventory. What happened next came as a surprise.

“It turned out to be one of the most successful days in T Shop history,” Trent says. “We all looked at each other and said, ‘This just might work in Lakewood.’ ”

In 2009, the T Shop opened its doors in Lakewood shopping center. Trent also added flowers to the mix — even though she was new to floral arranging and had to learn fast.

“We needed a neighborhood florist,” she says. “As soon as we opened, people were asking us for wedding arrangements.”

These days, Trent says that potted plants are popular sellers. Hosting events at home is also a growing trend, she says.

“The T Shop is just loaded with a quirky mix of seasonal knickknacks and treats for entertaining.”

Runner up: The Corner Market

Third Place: Tallulah Belle

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