1. I’ve heard a rumor that Dallas will soon be receiving more cops. Is that true and, if so, how is it being funded?

Each year, the Chief of Police develops a budget for the Dallas Police Department. This budget is combined with budgets from the other city department, voted on by the City Council and put into place. The Dallas Police Department has plans to hire about 80 more officers than we will lose through attrition during the 2004/05 budget year.

Of course, we are implementing an aggressive hiring program, which will also be strict in the qualifying process. We have changed the requirements to allow an individual who completed four years of active military service, and then was honorably discharged, to apply to the Department without having the required 45 hours of college. This will increase the hiring pool considerably and allow the Department to choose from some very qualified and motivated individuals.

Also, we will be implementing the Cadet program which will give our local youth an opportunity to gain work experience with the Dallas Police Department, finishing college credits and then moving on to becoming DPD officers. We will be announcing testing dates in the near future. Please contact the Dallas Police Department at 214-671-4409 if you are interested in becoming a Dallas Police Officer. Serving the citizens of Dallas is a very rewarding job.

2. During the school year, my neighborhood has a real problem with people speeding down residential streets as they drop their kids off at school or pick them up. Is there anything I can do about that?

The Dallas Police Department takes several approaches to an ongoing speeding problem. If you observe speeding in a particular location, please contact the Traffic Division at 214-670-6955 and describe the problem and location. The Traffic Division will assign officers to visit the area and issue citations to violators. You can also contact the Dallas Police Substation in your area. Interactive Policing Unit officers can be assigned to the area to help supplement the activities of the Traffic Division. The ICP Unit can also obtain the use of a “Speed Trailer.”  This device is set up at the location to simply remind people what the speed limit is, and the actual speed that they are driving at that time. The Dallas Police Department takes the safety of all citizens very seriously. Speeding is a major cause of most accidents. If you observe violations, please call the Dallas Police Department and we will take appropriate action.

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