For some artists, having work hung in a hotel room can mean hitting rock bottom — a stark alarm bell that says it’s time for some profound re-evaluations. But for photographer and painter Jayme Nourallah, working with hotels has never meant a grim eye-opener. When she was a photographer traveling throughout Asia and Europe, a hotel in Singapore paid for some of her shots to be used in promotional material, providing Nourallah the funds to keep roving. And now, another hotel has made her an offer that’s tough to scoff at — an all-expense paid trip to Tuscany for herself, her husband and her son, in exchange for her instructing a week-long photography class. “I used to help run an import business to pay for all my traveling,” Nourallah says. “But if someone’s offering to bring me over for a week to take pictures, which I’d be doing anyway, that’s kind of a tough offer to refuse.” When she’s not overseas, Nourallah is a skilled portrait photographer whose Lakewood garage acts as her studio, and the creator of bright, strange paintings of babies fraternizing with crows and communist-looking children hiding behind trees, among other artistic endeavors.

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