Neighbors are selling a lot of animal-themed items on the Lakewood/East Dallas Online Garage Sale Facebook group.

It’s not just dogs and cats. Sellers are offering goods depicting a range of species.

For the poultry lovers, there are roosters.

This butter dish with a rooster top serves a practical purpose.

But this tapestry probably doesn’t, unless it’s practical to know whether February had 28 or 29 days in 1978. (It’s 28.)

Next, there are bears. This item, which has been sold, can be used to hold flowers or other plants. Standing 32 inches high, it was used by its original owner as a table decoration.

Friends of the felines have not been forgotten. One seller in particular has made sure of it. He’s selling four cat-themed decorative items.

Two are candle holders, but they’re different in color and shape. A red cat can accommodate a taller, narrower candle placed on its back. And a black one that can hold a tea light seems to be an appropriate Halloween decoration.

Here’s a new place to store loose change: a vintage cat bank. It’s made of cast iron and painted white with a red bow. Coins can be inserted through the back of the cat’s head.

And lastly, this cat is a piece of art. Made of wood, it’s a vintage sculpture or figurine. When this article was published, the seller had it listed for $22.

Here’s a bonus item to note, just in time for the Fourth of July. One neighbor is selling this 1989 Weber charcoal grill. It’s 22 inches in diameter. The company stopped selling this red color in 2000.

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