The vacant La Parrillada building will soon have a new tenant. By popular demand, owner Alfonso Carmona is parting ways with his current building at 4816 Gaston in Old East Dallas, where he has been for more than 13 years, and moving to the La Parrillada building at 7260 Gaston near the Gaston-Garland-Grand shopping center.

The new building offers Carmona two luxuries: space and location. His last location sat about 60 people; whereas, this one will fit 90 to 120. The new restaurant will also be a better location for his clientele, which are mostly Lakewood folk.

He plans to open on Tuesday, March 26. He will serve dinner only for the first week, then open for lunch as well the next week. The restaurant at 4816 will close on March 24.

The new restaurant will feature the same menu as the old restaurant, plus a few new menu items, a full bar, an outdoor patio and valet parking.


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