It’s not easy being a single working mother. Luckily, freelance graphic designer AMANDA HUNT has a gift — she says she can read a person’s past, present or future by spending a few minutes holding a personal item, a practice known as psychometry. All it takes is a trip to her home at Matilda and Lewis and a willingness to be transparent. (If you aren’t comfortable going to her home, she’ll meet you at Starbucks.)

When did this all begin?

I was living in San Diego at the time, in ’93 or ’94. When you hit a bad spot in your life, you tend to get religious, and everybody there is into the metaphysical. I bought a deck of tarot cards and started doing readings for anybody and everybody, and I had several people come up to me and tell me, “Spirit wants to know when you’re going to get rid of your cards.” So I finally gave in and did psychometry. My mother could do it, and she told me that she always thought that I was … I kind of knew things about people.

How does it work?

You come over and sit on my recliner, and I take what belongs to you, like your jewelry or your car keys, and tell you to not ask questions until I’m done. You relax and I relax, and I start telling you what I pick up. It’s a lot of work-related and relationship issues. I usually don’t focus on a specific area unless people want me to.

Has what you’ve picked up ever surprised you?

I’ve surprised myself with how accurate I can be. I had a client call me who had spots on her bladder, and she wanted to know how it would turn out. I told her, ‘I keep feeling like it’s around your chest.’ It was stressing her out, and she went to the doctor and had him MRI her chest. She had an aneurism on a valve near her heart. I was sorry that I was right, but I was glad she checked it out because it’s fixable. I also just pick up on things about people that they’ve never told anyone, and I would have no way of knowing.

What do you think it is about people’s personal items that give you insight into their lives?

It’s like the way they have to tell you that someone died in a house; they can’t just sell it to you. Actions put the imprint, kind of like a fingerprint, on things, and things you carry around absorb your energy. One thing you shouldn’t do — don’t bring me something that’s an heirloom that you’ve been wearing for two years but your mother wore for 15 years, especially if her energy is stronger, because then I’ll be reading her.

What do you think propels your clients to come to you?

Most people who do it on a regular basis do it because it’s generally an uplifting experience. They want to know it’s going to get better, they want some good news, or they have questions about a relationship in their life, and they want some clarity on it.

And is it usually good news?

I think if you go to a negative person, you’ll get negative news, and if you go to a positive person, you’ll get positive news. I’m a glass is half-full plus person — always.

Does what you tell them affect the way they go out and live?

I think to a degree, like the lady who would not have gone to the doctor had I not said something about her chest. Some people listen to what I say, and for some people, it’s just fun. I’m just there to give information. What they do with it is up to them.


Call Amanda Hunt at 214-289-3003.

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