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Campaign for trustee focuses on community involvement, equity and excellence

Trust. That’s the issue.

Or more precisely, the widespread lack of trust between parents and current Dallas ISD administration — that’s why Alex Enriquez is running for Dallas ISD District 2 Trustee.

Alex is a DISD success story. A graduate of Dallas ISD’s Victor H. Hexter Elementary, Robert T. Hill Middle School, and Bryan Adams High School, he was a National Hispanic Merit Scholar and attended Florida State University on a full-ride academic scholarship. 

But when he graduated college in 2004, Alex kept thinking about all of his classmates who didn’t make it. [900 people started in his class at Bryan Adams, 396 graduated]. 

Alex knew he was lucky. And he believed his classmates deserved better. So he set off on a career in education policy and advocacy.

I want parents to feel solidarity. As a Trustee, my decisions will not be made unilaterally but in partnership with the community.

The East Dallas native moved back to his hometown in 2014 because he wanted his kids to get the same high-quality education that Dallas ISD gave him, his parents, and his grandparents.

“Over the years, countless parents have asked me whether or not they can trust DISD,” Alex says. “As a DISD grad myself, it surprised me at first. But the longer I worked within the system, the more I understood why they were asking. And the older my own kids get, the more urgent that question feels.”

Alex is the former Founding Executive Director of City Year Dallas, a national nonprofit that partners with high-needs communities to bolster success for at-risk students and schools. His conviction to give back to our local public education structure spurred him to step down from his position with City Year to focus on improving our system as a Dallas ISD Trustee candidate.

A husband and father of two soon-to-be Lipscomb Elementary students, Alex spent the last six years working at the district level, meeting with Dallas ISD trustees and administrators, challenging them to listen to students and parents.

Trust Alex with your vote for DISD trustee. Early voting is April 20-28; election day is Saturday, May 2 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Alex Enriquez prioritizes community, equity and excellence. “DISD has to start intentionally prioritizing those three values if it wants to gain back the trust of Dallas families,” he says.

Alex has his ear to the ground and knows the pulse of our community. He believes in Dallas ISD, saying those in leadership should believe in it, too.

“Parents and neighbors want to ask questions and get involved in the educational system, but too often, instead of welcoming their interest, they are negatively received by current Trustees and administrators,” he says. “As a Trustee, my decisions will not be made unilaterally but in partnership with the community. 
“I do not want to sit on the sidelines,” Alex says. “The strength of neighborhood schools impacts our children, property values, and  the prosperity of Dallas as a whole. I believe in DISD, and as your trustee, I will work alongside parents, students, teachers, and neighbors to provide every DISD student high-quality educational opportunities.”

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