Ace Hardware _ temporary move 1

If you drove by Ace Hardware this weekend and noticed the sign is missing, that’s because Ace Hardware has officially moved out of its location in the Lakewood Shopping Center.

Although it’s not coming back to Lakewood Shopping Center, it hasn’t left the neighborhood. Ace has moved to a temporary location while it waits for its new building in Arboretum Village to be finished, says owner Khandoo Nagar.

Ace Hardware _ temporary move 2Ace moved to another Lincoln property at Gaston-Garland-Grand, Lakeview Shopping Center, which is the shopping center where Cane Rosso and the YMCA are located. Ace is temporarily housing in the space where Premium Title Lending used to be.

Nagar originally speculated that Ace would have to close for a couple of weeks in April while Nagar and his team finished the moving process, but they managed to get everything moved before the April 15 deadline, and Nagar opened in Lakeview Shopping Center on Friday.

Ace Hardware _ temporary move 3The temporary location is a smaller space than the one Ace Hardware enjoyed in Lakewood Shopping Center, but Nagar says the new building in Arboretum Village will be roughly the same size as the location in Lakewood Shopping Center.

The long-standing rumor is that Ace’s empty space in Lakewood Shopping Center will be replaced by CVS, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

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