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Six seniors at Woodrow Wilson High School and three at Bryan Adams were recognized as academic all-state recipients.

The honor is awarded by the Texas High School Coaches Association. It recognizes senior athletes who have an overall GPA of 92 or above, are of “good moral character” and are in good standing with the team.

Players are nominated by their head coaches, and the THSCA considers each nominee’s GPA, class rank and SAT/ACT score. Students receive points based on those criteria, and the total number of points determines on which team students are placed. There are four possibilities: elite, first team, second team and honorable mentions.

From Woodrow, Cale Patton, Noah Calhoun and Max Elkman made second team. Cole Wilkinson, Samuel Billingsley and Gavin Garcia are honorable mentions.

Jose Juis Alvarez and Omar Mohammad Murad, both from Bryan Adams, made second team. Hendrick Ramirez received an honorable mention.

“We understand that students’ performance in the classroom can sometimes be difficult to manage while participating in athletics, but their hard work has not gone unnoticed,” the THSCA wrote on its website. “We applaud them for their commitment and dedication to perform with the highest of excellence academically and on the field or court.”

To see a full list of the recipients, click here.