Construction continues on the Lower Greenville Trader Joe’s, and it’s starting to take shape. This photo is a view from the corner of Greenville and Sears, and from the looks of it, there will be mirror entrances on both sides of the store — one from the parking lot on the opposite side, and one fronting Lower Greenville. So whether you drive or walk/run/cycle, you’ll have convenient access.

There are a few openings for windows on the south end of the store (you may be able to see them in the above photo), and then there are rows of clerestory windows on the east and west sides. Not sure what material will be used on the south side where the yellow paper is now, but the east side of the store facing Greenville has been covered in red and dark gray brick, with some geometric steel accenting the edges. The below photo shows this in a view from Greenville and Bell.

An Advocate source who recently shopped at the Plano Trader Joe’s learned from several associates there that they “are now being told summer, most likely June” for the Lower Greenville store opening.


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