Jason Price’s hunting trophies:  Photo by Kim Leeson

Jason Price’s hunting trophies: Photo by Kim Leeson

“My head can fit in there,” Rylan Price says matter-of-factly, pointing to the open mouth of a stuffed alligator head sitting on the entry-hall table.

And then, in the true form of a 6-year-old, he proceeds to demonstrate.

The alligator head is just one of many exciting things to see in the Prices’ house. Rylan’s dad, Jason Price, is a sport hunter, and if the number of animals and animal heads in his front office are any indication, he’s pretty good at it.

“My husband is very motivated by trophies,” Beth Price says.

Most of his collection consists of ducks, but he also has an aoudad head, a tundra swan, a badger and even a bearded hen.

“Hens do not normally have a beard,” Beth explains. “When you turkey hunt, the males usually have a beard, and that’s kind of how you can tell how good the turkey is — based on its beard. So anyways, it’s very weird that, that hen has a beard.”

Aside from hunting trophies, Jason also has several John James “J. J.” Audubon lithographs from the first edition of Audubon’s book “Birds of America.”

And Beth has a niche collection as well. The walls of her kitchen are lined with dozens of beautiful restaurant menus from around the world, which she’s saved over the years and framed.

The Prices’ home will be on the Hollywood-Santa Monica home tour in April. If you’re one of those people who goes on home tours to glean home décor inspiration, this year’s Hollywood-Santa Monica tour has some interesting finds — from a one-bedroom duplex that makes a small space feel comfortable and functional, to a spacious five-bedroom house with two living areas and a custom-designed, screened-in porch.

And, of course, the Prices’ taxidermy menagerie. Unfortunately, Rylan won’t be there to show you how his head can fit into the mouth of the alligator, but maybe you can talk your friend into trying.

For more information about the home tour weekend, visit hsmna.org.

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