404353_298716723575393_1888943342_nDid you know one in four children in the U.S. doesn’t know where his or her next meal is coming from… or when? Sounds almost impossible, right? That despite our means to provide nutritious, affordable food for all Americans, 50 million people in the U.S. never know when they might go to bed hungry – even in our own city.

If you’re skeptical of those statistics — or even if you’re not — make sure to save room this weekend for “A Place at the Table,” a documentary that explores the issue through personal stories of people struggling with food insecurity.

Directors Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush tell the story of Barbie, a single Philadelphia mother who grew up in poverty and is trying to provide a better life for her two children; Rosie, a Colorado fifth-grader who often has to depend of friends and neighbors to feed her and has trouble concentrating in school; and Tremonica, a Mississippi second-grader whose asthma and health issues are exacerbated by the largely empty calories her hardworking mother can afford.

“A Place at the Table” opens Friday, March 1 at Magnolia Theater in Dallas. Show times will be posted on the Landmark Theaters website on Friday.

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