In his web series “Most Expensivest,” rapper 2 Chainz lives at the height of luxury, exploring the world of $900 sneakers and $1,200 Rosé. The Viceland series focuses on the most expensive and, oftentimes, ludicrous things money can buy. With oddly paced editing and rather strange interactions with bourgeoisie, the series will leave you flustered and wondering what busting a $1,000 piñata feels like.

The series stopped by the Lone Star State, and 2 Chainz met Dallas legends to see what opulence the city could offer. The rapper took to Stetsons with R&B queen and East Dallas native Erykah Badu. The duo groped and ogled the luxury hats, not hesitating to make a “That’s what she said” joke when the time was right. After marveling at a $5,000 hat, Badu ended the video with a sly look at the camera and one final “That’s what she said.”

Watch the video here.

2 Chainz also joined Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban at the Dallas Equestrian Center, where the duo marveled at the elite and ridiculous world of horses. Even Cuban, whose net worth is $4.1 billion, balked at the $100,000 price tag on a horse named Eamon.