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The house was built in 1922 atop the highest point of a knoll on 22 acres just outside the Dallas city limits. The owner of a casket manufacturing plant named

What kind of person does it actually take to be in this elite group? They are the cream of the crop, the best of the best athletes in the world.

Even the most formidable athletes do not thrive on bodily strength alone. To reach Olympic-level success, physical talent must meet with mental discipline. Such a winning combo is seldom achieved

The hotel elevator opened to reveal Conan O’Brien on one side and Sean Penn on the other. Schellenberg stepped in between the two men, and the lanky O’Brien peered down

Meeting calamity with hope is what they do at the Agape Clinic and Community Care Center, which has been operating for 25 years out of the basement of Grace United

Scarlet is an auburn-furred mutt with big brown eyes who starts at a stranger’s outreached hand, but then nuzzles when she realizes it means her no harm.

In the literary world, Lakewood resident Cindy Causey is ahead of her time.


Once she glimpsed James B. Bonham Elementary School’s inner beauty, she became determined to improve the campus’ outer image.

When most people say they’re thinking “outside the box,” they mean they’re being creative or approaching the question from a new angle.

You could say Luciano Gomez knows a thing or two about rolling in the dough. For the past 30 years, he has been the man behind that fresh-baked goodness.

In the literary world, Lakewood resident Cindy Causey is ahead of her time.


The dining experience here is as much about aura as it is about the food, and the two intermingle in a way that is especially pleasing to the senses.

True Crime

The loss of a beloved pet is always upsetting. But in Martha Wertheimer’s case, it was flat out disturbing.

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The media knows what gets the attention of readers and what doesn’t. Public relations firms and advertisers have taken note and package the message with trigger words, “word coding” their

The key to home prices in these uncertain times is supply, and the key to supply is foreclosures.

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