Ethical Consumerism

To the editor:

I read Rick Wamre’s “Shopping Scruples” (July Advocate) and laud your making, an op-ed page of it! It is distressing to read that some people of this “round table” thought nothing of it to go about systematically stealing the time of knowledgable people in a retail store and then justify their “freeloading” ways in terms of “waste of money”. I’d go a step further than you and call this not just a breach of trust, but pecuniary self-seeking and unjust enrichment. There are too many people who will sell their souls for a dime, for free advice, for a freebee, period. The fact that they do not see how they are using the system to exploit others is one of the facets of the pragmatic approach; it’s a dilemma which arose with and is as old as homo sapiens. I am glad you speak out for the merchant who still employs a knowledgable sales staff. We need to support trade-knowledge rather than greed and unjust enrichment.

-Sonja Staron

Delicious Oversight

To the editor:

A bad one for the fact checker (“Declious”, July Advocate). Oh, how we wish you could say you were right on this one. Dragon pearl Restaurant has been gone now for well over a year (replaced by Lenny’s Subs and DaVino Pizza in the new strip mall by Office Depot). Seeing it mentioned in your dining guide brought back fond memories of their friend pork dumplings, shredded beef schezuan or kung pao chicken. My husband and I followed their move from the West End to Gaston, and were such regulars that they recognized our phone voices and knew our standing orders without much more than saying, “your regular, right?” We haven’t found any place in Dallas that can match their consistency of food or service.

-Cindy Ethridge and Tom Usrey

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