Zion Lutheran Church and School is requesting a zoning change to build a new gym on campus at the corner of Lovers Lane and Skillman Street, according to an application filed with the City of Dallas.

Existing zoning is single-family residential with a specific-use permit for a private school. The proposed zoning is a planned development for a private school and residential uses.

The site is developed with a 40,000-square-foot school and a 14,500-square-foot church on the property. The gym will add 13,000 square feet. The construction will also consist of new parking along Lovers and Skillman.

Single-family homes are located about 500 feet from the proposed gym.

The location of the gym would be in the front yard of Skillman Street. The property is required to have a front yard, at a minimum of 25 feet, because the single-family homes to the north have double frontage. The gym could be placed outside the setback area, but a stand of large trees would have to be removed, destroying an outdoor area used by the school and church.