“Why would you name your new dog Ruby?” It was an honest question from a neighbor who knew Lakewood Heights residents Mike Archer and Errin Major already had a dog with the same name. “I was like, ‘There’s way more to the story,’” Archer says. Five years ago, Archer was living in Dallas part time for work when he met Major and her dog, Ruby, at the Truck Yard. The couple dated long distance until Archer sold his house in North Carolina, packed his things and moved to Dallas permanently with his dog. You guessed it. Her name is Ruby. Ruby 1, Major’s 8-year-old Chihuahua, and Ruby 2, Archer’s 14-year-old corgi, soon became best friends. From sleeping to taking walks and chasing squirrels, the pets do everything together — including disobeying their owners. “My favorite response to those who ask if they both come when we call, ‘Here, Ruby,’ is that neither of them respond,” Archer says. “They’re old ladies, and they do what they want.” The red-haired Rubys will officially become sisters when the couple marries at the Arboretum in February. “We love the story because it’s funny,” Archer says. “If we get a boy dog, perhaps we’ll name him Reuben.”