Sign in Lowest Greenville. Photo courtesy of Soraya Santos via Facebook.

Yard signs advertising available rental properties are put up all the time.

But one in particular, which was placed near Lowest Greenville, caused a stink when it was shared on social media recently.

It says there’s one unit available and has a list of prohibited tenants. If you smoke, if you play loud music, if you chew gum or if you’re a child, you can’t live there.

We reached out to the management company, Ci Management, and they told us right away they did not install that sign. They rent to children and gum chewers all the time.

“Obviously that sign is not ours,” a representative from the company wrote in an email.

The sign was up for only half a day, and the company removed it as soon as they saw it.

Another person who works for the company, Emilie Sawyers, vouched for Ci on the Reform Dallas Facebook group, where the photo was posted.

“We would never post a sign like this,” Sawyers wrote. “I’m guessing a tenant thinks this is funny or something. We love children … gum on the other hand!!”

The Fair Housing Act prohibits landlords from refusing rent to a family that includes children under the age of 18, and it makes it unlawful to publish statements that discriminate against those families. There is an exception for senior housing, but that isn’t the case here.