Why didn’t we copyright “WWW” before the advent of the web? At least our “Dubyas” are capital letters.Wildcats should check out classmates.com, a site set up for high schools across the country.

Visiting classmates for the first time, I caught up with my “classmate” Juan Castillo ’76, whom I haven’t seen in years. Although he’s in Atlanta, I received an email from him within an hour of my first log-on.A total of 421 graduates from the ’30s to the ’90s, grouped by decade, have registered at the wrongly titled “Wilson” (not Woodrow) site. To join and directly send messages is $25. But if you post something on the message board or read postings, it’s free.

The message board contains categories for: reunions, looking for classmates, favorite teacher, and the best is general discussion. Some samples:

  • Jimmy Stephens ’65: I could sign Mr. Allen’s name as well as he. (Mr. Allen was Crusader sponsor and Spanish teacher for 30 years starting in the early ’50s)
  • Bonnie Gorman ’65: I really miss the drive in restaurants like Charco’s. (The latter was located on the northwest corner of Mockingbird and Abrams.)
  • Rozanne Pace ’65: Wasn’t it a Jack-in-the-Box they built in its place?I remember swearing never to eat there, ever!
  • Sherrie Forance ’69: I remember Lakewood, Gaston Ave., party lines, White Rock submarines … .
  • Pinky Skinner ’57: Harrell’s Drug Store, Snappy’s, Sammy’s, Flag Pole Hill… .
  • Josephine Oatman ’37: I also remember those places from the 1930s.
  • Gary -incognito as “414”: Confrontations with rival schools at Woodrow Hill(He must be from my era.)
  • Ann Schroeder ’80: The telephone in the back of Mr. Brown’s math class.
  • Rozanne Pace ’65: To think that we didn’t have electric typewriters and now we all communicate on the web!
  • Jan Richardson ’69 to all: If we had only known then how much fun we were really having.


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