461 Worth St. (Photos courtesy of Flashback Dallas.)



Worth Street may be funkier these days, but it’s always had beautiful homes.

The street, which stretches through Junius Heights, Munger Place and Peak’s Suburban Addition, is shown on these old postcards posted by Flashback Dallas. Many of the pictured homes still stand. 

An old postcard of Worth Street. (Photo courtesy of Flashback Dallas.)

An old postcard of Worth Street. (Photo courtesy of Flashback Dallas.)

One such home is 461 Worth St. The house belonged to traveling salesman Everett Bray and his wife, Erminia, according to Flashback Dallas. They moved to Dallas in 1907 with their children, Everita and Melville, and lived there until 1915.

(Photo courtesy of Flashback Dallas.)

In a postcard dated Aug. 28, 1908, Erminia wrote: “Dearie, I hope it won’t be very long before I can have the pleasure of entertaining you in my Dallas home. A hearty welcome awaits you at 461 Worth St. any old time.”

The Brays moved when Everett Bray died in a car accident at the age of 41, Flashback Dallas reported. His wife lived 50 more years and died in Duncanville in 1962 at the age of 88.

Although the address changed in 1911 when the City of Dallas renamed the 400 block of Worth Street the 4400 block, the Brays’ house remains in the same spot with a new coat of paint and a lot more greenery.

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