A grass-roots group out to stop the YMCA and City from building a joint recreation center at Winsted Park got its way. The group is now helping the YMCA raise funds to build its new center at a different location.

Elizabeth Florence, a neighborhood resident who helped start Save Winsted Park, says she is “very pleased and surprised” that YMCA officials so quickly backed away from the Winsted Park location. The group objected to the site for safety, traffic and environmental reasons.

“I’m glad we’re not in for a long fight,” she says. “When the end is quick, it’s easier to mend fences and move on.”

The group has moved into an agreement with the YMCA to actively support its fund-raising campaign by enlisting 10 division leaders, each of whom will recruit five block captains, who will each recruit five campaigners (a total of 250). Each volunteer will be asked to be a donor and to solicit five additional donors.

“I think we have a very good commitment to help build the ÔY,’ as long as it is in an appropriate location.”

Ben Casey, president of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, says the “Y” is still searching for an appropriate site.

“There’s not much we can share yet, until we find some alternate area for a YMCA that would still serve the East Dallas community.”

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