The teachers’ parking lot at Woodrow Wilson High School was the victim of a 2009 senior class prank conducted early Friday morning. Students and faculty arrived at the start of the school day to find the lot filled with hundreds of cardboard boxes, scattered throughout its entirety. According to an anonymous senior class source, covert Wildcat operatives collected boxes all week from Home Depot and other retailers, stored them in neighorhood garages and carpooled to the school last night. The caper was completed before 2 a.m. To view a slideshow of the parking lot, click here.

Seniors are taking full responsibility for the prank, even autographing their handiwork with a sign in Saran Wrap "Seniors 2009" across Woodrow’s front. We also were told that a carload of 2008 seniors drove by and observed the event as it unfolded. They rolled down windows and expressed both encouragement and jealousy that they hadn’t thought of it during their senior reign.

The latest word on the campus is that teachers have now commandeered senior spaces for their own parking purposes while suspect seniors are cleaning up the teacher lot.  There’s also some concern that the senior pep rally scheduled for today could be in jeopardy due to the prank. – Sally Wamre

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