What a face. Georgia Carroll Kyser

Georgia Carroll Kyser, a 1937 Woodrow Wilson High School alumna who posed for Raoul Josset’s “Spirit of the Centennial” sculpture at Fair Park, has died. She was 91.

Kyser was born in Blooming Grove in Navarro County, and after high school, she worked as a model and movie actress. She married bandleader Kay Kyser after appearing as a guest vocalist in his band in 1943.

The Kysers later retired to Chapel Hill, N.C., where Georgia Kyser co-founded the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill in the 1970s.

Woodrow usually holds its prom at the Women’s Museum at Fair Park, so students who go to the prom pass Kyser’s likeness on the way in.

Kyser refused to pose nude for the sculpture. She said she only posed for the face.

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