Starting this Thursday, those low flying airplanes you hear overhead aren’t filming the sequel to Memphis Belle, but are here on the "Wings of Freedom Tour".
The Collings Foundation is scheduled to bring three WWII era bombers to Love Field through March 24th.  Flights are expensive (but tax deductible) at $425 for the B24 or B17 and $400 for the B25.  The B-24 Liberator is the only flying aircraft of it’s model in the world.  (Most of the B-24’s were scrapped at the end of the war and ended up as aluminum siding on suburban housing.  Only a couple are even left in museums.)
I fly enough on American Airlines that someday they’ll name a plane after me.  They’ve managed to take most of the fun out of travel.  I took a B17 flight two years ago and it reminded me of what a joy it is to really fly.  Being a part of that living museum gave me a new appreciation for the flight crews of WWII and even today.  If you’re a vet, flight or military buff, you’ll want to take one of these flights.  If your dad served in the Army Air Corps, you must take one.   

Flights take off from the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love field.  Check out the Collings Foundation website for more information.

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