Neighborhood resident Dennis Baldwin was simply doing what he does best, creating software for gadgets, this time Apple’s iPhone, when he thought up JiggleU, an application that lets users speed dial with a shake. He hopes this particular invention, however, will count for something extra special. “I had this crazy idea based on the premise of shaking your phone to speed dial people,” but the motivating factor in selling this particular application was far more serious — he wanted to raise money to help the family of Johnny Romano, a 10-year-old skateboarder from Galveston, Texas, who was being treated for, and later died from, leukemia. “I am a tech guy, a software designer, but outside of work I live and breathe skateboarding,” Baldwin says. “I heard about this kid who the whole skateboarding community had sort-a banded together to help, and I wanted to help, too.” Young Johnny sadly succumbed to the cancer in September. Baldwin says he can’t imagine what the family must be going through both emotionally and financially. “It was a real eye opener when he died — what they had to endure and the amount of financial burden from medical treatments and now funeral expenses.” Baldwin just hopes he can ease their pain in some small way, he says. Jules Romano, Johnny’s mom, says that Baldwin and people like him have shown her how much her son meant to the world. “Dennis’ thoughtfulness and caring generosity are incredible,” she says.

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