QR code at White Rock Lake Park. Photo by Renee Umsted.

After years of discussion, QR codes are being installed along the White Rock Lake Trail.

These codes, which will help trail users pinpoint their location without calling 911, are being posted on existing 911 location signs. For the Love of the Lake supported this project.

When the code is scanned, neighbors are directed to a map of the lake. Type in the emergency marker location, and the sign’s location is identified on the map.

QR code map.

This wasn’t the only topic discussed at the first meeting of the year for the White Rock Lake Task Force.

The members also discussed the site of the former Dreyfuss Club, which burned down in 2006. The building’s foundation remains. Because the spot offers good views of the area, it’s often used as a place for picnics, a parking lot and more.

But members of the task force shared concerns about the safety of the site. In particular, several mentioned that drivers might accidentally drive off the side of the cliff.

Area near Dreyfuss Club site. Photo by Carol Bell-Walton.

Maria Hasbany, the District 9 Park and Recreation Board member, said staff would reassess the area for safety hazards right away. If they do find that there is a safety issue, they’ll add some large rocks or other feature to prevent people from driving off the edge.

“In order to have the type of information that we need to know the direction we want to go in, it would take a lot of effort and work to gather that type of information, and I feel like that would be more appropriately done while we’re gathering information about an updated master plan as a whole,” Hasbany said in the meeting.

Other topic: 

Trash at Winfrey Point: The dumpster at the Winfrey Point building is intended to be used by people who reserve the space. But it’s often also utilized by park users and For the Love of the Lake volunteers, so trash overflows. In the past, trash was picked up twice a week, and then at some point, the pickup was reduced to once a week. In early December, staff requested that trash be picked up twice a week, which should alleviate the problem. There was also discussion at the task force meeting to construct an enclosure for the dumpsters that would be locked and limit usage to those who reserve Winfrey Point.