stonetableLast night members from the White Rock Lake Conservancy met to unveil plans for the restoration of the “Stone Tables Pavilion” located near the Bath House on E. Lawther. The picnic area is the most popular rental facility around the lake and is currently booked for the next two years.

Anyone who’s reserved the tables has seen that the pavilion has deteriorated a bit from it’s former glory days. In response, the White Rock Lake Conservancy, in partnership with the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department, is moving forward with plans to restore the area. Greg Wyatt is chair of the restoration project, and has donated services from his architecture firm, Wyatt and Associates, to help design the renovated table pavilion.

The pavilion was built in 1931 and designed by Laurie Eyrie Smith (who was also the first female on the Dallas Parks and Recreation board.) Four years later a lily pond was added, restrooms were built, and several trees were planted surrounding the area with help from the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Instead of tearing down the historical site, Wyatt says the the plans will “take what is there, enhance it, and bring it back.”

Mark Hoesterey, another conservancy board member and architect working with Wyatt on the project says that “there is a lot of positive energy” from neighbors about the project.

Hoesterey and Wyatt both emphasize that they want to keep the original vision of Laurie Eyrie Smith as the pavilion being a gathering spot for families. Hoesterey says that since identifying the top ten improvement project with the city the conservancy is ready to follow through and complete this project, getting their “sea legs under them” so they can eventually move on to the bigger projects on the list.

Right now the project is receiving funds from donors for various amounts ranging from $5,000 to restore the small tables to $250,000 for the pavilion cover. The project currently needs $750,000 in donated funds to move forward.

Councilman Sheffie Kadane is enthusiastic about the project. Last night he told conservancy members to “get it going, we’re ready to vote.”

Wyatt and conservancy board chairman Bill Mateja both say that with the current momentum of the project, they could be able to begin the table renovations as soon as 2014.

Email Rachel Wright at or call the White Rock Lake Conservancy at 214.293.8996 to learn more or contribute to the restoration project.