White Rock Dental recently added Dr. Lynette Page to its team. Page, who recently joined the dental office, is a Lakewood native and a member of Old Lake Highlands. Page came to the practice after working for a year at a Veterans Affairs hospital in south Dallas, and finishing her residency for another year and a half in Bonham, Texas, where she commuted 70 miles. Page realized she wanted to be closer to home, so she began looking around the neighborhood and decided to look at White Rock Dental. “I heard about its reputation for great dentistry, and comprehensive care and I met the owner, Dr. Edward Lutz and we got along great,” says Page. Aside from her dental work, Page is also an accomplished triathlete and enjoys working close to the lake so that she can continue her training. She says she will be competing in two upcoming Iron Man 70.3 races, one in Puerto Rico and the other in Las Vegas.