Admittedly, all of this information is public record, but here’s a website that makes it easy to cull those records to find out which city employee makes what. Sarah Blaskovich with Pegasus News apparently stumbled across, an online resource put together by an anonymous Plano web wonk.

And it seems to work: I typed in the name of my favorite city employee, Thomas Leppert, and found out what I already knew — the mayor earns $60,000 for his daily super-hero efforts to make Dallas the best city in the world. Interestingly, the website only noted what Leppert’s eligible to earn and didn’t note that he’s donating his salary to charity; I suspect that’s not the case with most of the other city employees listed.

Anyway, I typed in a few other familiar city-hall names, and up popped the info. So the next time you start feeling overworked and underpaid, you can check comparable jobs at city hall and see how your pay plan stacks up. Remember, though, that 840 of those people are scheduled for the chopping block soon…

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