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The School of Metaphysics is here in our neighborhood and they are offering a dream short course later this month. Here with answers to some questions about dreams and information about the upcoming opportunity is School of Metaphysics student Jennifer Turkyilmaz (she is wife to Advocate photographer Can Turkyilmaz).

If you’ve always wondered what your dreams meant now you can find out. The Dallas School of Metaphysics is offering a Dream Short Course beginning on March 24th.  Come learn the Universal Language of Mind and begin to unravel the messages of your subconscious.

Q:  Do my dreams actually mean anything or are they just random images created by my brain?

A:  Dreams most definitely mean something.  The subconscious mind communicates in pictures, and dreams are messages coming directly from the subconscious that are moving into our conscious awareness.  Dreams offer beautiful and often very precise suggestions about how to maximize our experiences in our life’s journey, and they honestly and clearly reflect exactly where we are in our development.  For anyone who aspires to know themselves better and fully understand their life’s purpose, dreams are invaluable tools.

Q: I dreamed about an old boyfriend last night.  I’m happily married.  Does this mean I want to cheat on my husband?

A: The first thing to understand about dreams is that everything in your dream is an aspect of you, the dreamer.  Therefore, the boyfriend in your dream doesn’t mean you want to re-kindle an old relationship.  Instead it means that you have recently been connecting with a part of your subconscious mind that shares certain characteristics with that person.

Q: I had a dream that my teeth were falling out.  What does that mean?

A: Teeth in dream language represent tools for assimilating knowledge.  When teeth are falling out or breaking or being pulled in your dream, you can be assured that you have recently received some new knowledge that you are finding a bit difficult to understand or incorporate into your current thinking.  A new way of assimilating the knowledge is being called for and is likely in process.

Q: What are nightmares?

A: Nightmares are simply messages from the subconscious that really want and need to be heard.  The message in a nightmare likely began small, in a regular dream.   Then as it was ignored it probably transformed into a recurrent dream.  After it was further disregarded, the subconscious then amped up the volume to eleven and insisted that you hear what it was saying.  The more you learn about your dreams and pay attention to the messages of the subconscious the less frequent nightmares become.

Please join us.

When: Beginning Thursday March 24th, meeting every Thursday from 7:00-9:30 for five weeks

Where: School of Metaphysics, 5832 Live Oak (next door to Lakewood Landing)

How Much?: $100 paid up front or $25 per class

Call 214.821.5406 today to reserve your spot! —Jennifer Turkyilmaz

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