Interesting interview this morning in the DMN with Angela Hunt, a sort-of day-after look at what happened and what’s going to happen in the future. There’s no bombshell in here (no, she didn’t announce her candidacy for governor or senator or mayor – yet), but there were some interesting tidbits…

1) She said a number of council members called her after the election and said they hoped to kiss and makeup and work together going forward on city issues; good for those who had the class to do that.

2) She said Mayor Leppert, as of the time of the Wednesday interview, was still MIA, talking about bringing the city together but not making the effort to reach out to someone who did, after all, get 47% of the vote citywide. Not so classy on his part, in my opinion. He did find time to host a news conference talking about his plans for making the park "greater" than Central Park in New York or the Riverwalk in San Antonio, though.

3) She still sounded pretty defiant about doing whatever she thinks is important in Dallas, so I guess in literary terms, she would be described as "unbowed".

4) She hinted that her next area of focus might be Southern sector development. That’s a move that would be good for the city and, guess what: good for a future political run, too, since I hear they have some generally disenfranchised voters there, too.

No one asked me, but I think three other areas of focus should be better distribution of crime/police information and resources in the city, an attempt to stabilize the future of the city pension plan for employees (it seems to gobble money faster than the city can bring it in), and determining a better way to vet (and revise) the city budget before it’s approved (right now, the document is so dense it’s virtually impossible to figure out, particularly in the brief time that it’s made available prior to being voted on by the council).

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