Gov. George W. Bush recently signed Senate Bill 1 into law. This bill requires the preparation of a water plan that will conserve water, prepare the State in the event of drought conditions and make certain there are adequate sources of water in the future to serve the citizens of the State of Texas.

The new law requires the State to adopt a water plan that will be used by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission to regulate the use of water in Texas. This will include water plans that will be prepared by each region. The regional plans will provide information about the specific water needs of the region. The State water plan is to be completed by Sept. 1, 2001.

Dallas, perhaps more than any other city in Texas, was at the forefront of planning for water supplies. The State now appears to have its eye on these resources for regional allocation purposes. City officials will work with our State representatives to help ensure that the rights of the citizens of Dallas are protected in any fight for the reallocation of scarce resources.

It is too early to predict the impact on the City of the new water plan.

The City is committed to providing quality water services at a minimum cost to the citizens of Dallas. I will keep you informed about this issue as it materializes.

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