We’ve written in the past about Avi Adelman, aka the “Barking Dog”, who brings new meaning to the words “neighborhood activist”. Adelman lives across the street from what will be the new Walmart grocery store on Greenville (site of the former Whole Foods Store), and he’s now apparently at odds with a neighborhood lawyer tapped by surrounding neighborhood associations to work with Walmart on lighting, parking, truck traffic and other neighborhood-centric issues.

Robert Wilonsky with the DMN has posted information about the dispute and a lawsuit filed against Adelman in Dallas County District Court by Melissa Kingston, a volunteer neighborhood lawyer asked by neighbors to represent the Lower Greenville, Vickery Place and Greenland Hills neighborhood associations.

The issues are a little convoluted as I read them, but it appears Adelman is upset because he feels left out of the Walmart loop, and Kingston is upset because Adelman (apparently in an effort to become part of the discussion) bought the internet URL melissakingston.com and is using that address to send emails related to the Walmart discussions — anyway, that’s what I gather from reading Wilonsky’s piece.

We’ve written about Adelman several times in our Advocate magazine and here on the blog, and the only thing you can say for sure about him is that some people like him and some people don’t.

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