Most dogs can fetch, sit and stay on command. A few will even shake paws or roll over. Roger Kallenberg’s dog, though, tops them all: For nearly 11 years, Skippy has helped Kallenberg build a decorative wall that wraps its way around the front yard. Every morning and evening, Kallenberg takes Skippy and his other dog, Lucky, on a walk around the neighborhood, looping from his house near White Rock Lake to the Bath House to a wildflower field — “the largest natural one left in Dallas,” he says — and finally returns to the house. Along the way, Kallenberg finds a stick and tosses it for his eager pup. “[The stick] is the most important part of his day, his souvenir,” Kallenberg says. “He won’t let anyone touch it once he’s got it.” After Skippy carries the stick back to the house and drops it in the front yard (in one of two places, depending on the size), Kallenberg adds it to the nearly two-foot-high wall. “I didn’t really plan it. It started with a pile of Skippy’s sticks, and then it just grew out of that.” And does he have plans for the wall now? “Not really. I guess we’ll just see where it ends up.”

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