A woman in her late 20s was grabbed and held at gunpoint at the Walgreens at Ross and Bennett in East Dallas Tuesday night, WFAA reports. She was accosted by an acquaintance, Concepcion Rosales-Zuniga.

Rosales-Zuniga muscled the woman into a car, where Vincente Parra and Celia Jaimes were waiting. They held her at gunpoint and slapped her several times, according to police.

Fortunately, the woman’s friends were waiting for her to return to the car, and when she left with Rosales-Zuniga, they followed the other vehicle to the Central Expressway service road near Carroll, where they were able to get the attention of police.

The kidnappers were arrested, and the victim was fine.

There have been a number of pharmacy kidnappings in East Dallas over the past several months, but it seems like the most recent is a different strategy. Past versions have involved kidnappers hiding in victim’s unlocked cars and forcing them to drive to ATMs or other locations.

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