Kelly Ruhn drives a 26-year-old “classic” BMW 5 series.

Despite the faded paint, small dents and plenty of miles, she loves her car for its character and appreciates its steadfastness. So it is understandable that she was disappointed when she and her neighbors were victims of motor vehicle burglaries.

Most of the homes in the neighborhood have a single garage, which is typically used as additional storage or to protect the newest car, leaving many of homeowners’ other cars parked on the street.

The thieves broke in to Ruhn’s car through the rear driver’s side window and stole her car stereo, loose cash and her work badge.

“I’m a little sad because I had to get a whole new door,” Ruhn says.

Ruhn says she noticed another BMW located a couple of houses down also was broken into.

“They damaged the driver’s side door and the victim’s husband couldn’t open the door,” Ruhn says. “I think they took some cash.

“The crime watch patrol stopped by and told me that my window was broken out,” Ruhn says. “Then later that day they sent me an e-mail about the other break-ins on the street.”

She says that she has lived here for the past four years and she has never had any problems with crime.

Dallas Police Lt. Michael Woodbury says it is not uncommon to have multiple break-ins on the same street.

“Who’s to say why they broke into a particular vehicle,” Woodbury says. “If there is property that they can see or if they’re looking for something in particular, they’ll get it.

“The best thing to do is park the car in the garage,” Woodbury says. “Unfortunately, a lot of people use them for storage, but if you have to do that, then park in the driveway. Most of the time cars are hit on the street. If you park in the street, then park under a light and not in the dark, and get everything in the car out of eye sight.”