The video captured it all

Craig Moody and his wife were vacationing in beautiful East Texas.

“We were enjoying Mardi Gras at a bed and breakfast in Jefferson, Texas,” Moody says.

The annual event in Jefferson, which is located near the Louisiana border north of Marshall, has become quite a tradition. B&Bs decorate for the season and guests don masquerade masks.

Unfortunately for the Moodys, a criminal chose that time to don a mask of a different sort.

“We received a call about 5 a.m. about a break-in by ADT [Security],” he says.

The company informed him that his alarm had sounded. However, when the company notified police, the company was told that the Moodys’ City of Dallas security alarm permit had expired, and they could not respond.

Moody quickly grabbed his iPhone in the early morning hours to use the ADT app, and indeed saw someone in his home via security cameras. As time ticked by, he was able to contact ADT 20 minutes later and confirmed someone was in his home.

The police department continued to refuse a respond based on the security company’s calls, instead requiring confirmation from the homeowner. So Moody then called police.

“They finally responded about 30 minutes after the ADT call,” he says.

Moody says he never received a notice his alarm permit payment was due, and that several other area residents informed him they had similar problems receiving permit notices. The homeowner says he had not received a renewal notice since 2009 and had not thought about whether he needed to renew. He says the city had lost some subscriber information due to a software change, and that maybe his information had been lost.

“Apparently this is a widespread problem with many people not receiving notices to renew their permits,” he says.

Moody’s security system caught the burglar on video. A small lamp in the foreground illuminates the living room just enough to reveal a man in blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and a dark blue or black sweatshirt. He appears to have on a hood or mask, and is moving quickly — jewelry apparently in mind.

“He focused exclusively on jewelry and watches,” Moody says. “This person is pretty sharp and specific in what they target.”

Moody says his wife loves jewelry, and the burglar made off with more than 50 pieces worth many thousands of dollars. The suspect passed by expensive art and laptop computers to make his way to the jewelry. So far, no jewelry has been recovered.

Since his experience, Moody recommends that residents confirm their alarm permits are active, stay in constant communication with an alarm company and police after being notified of a break-in, keep important phone numbers handy, make sure property insurance is up to date, and consider investing in a well-anchored safe for valuables.

Dallas Police Lt. Anthony Crawford of the Northeast Patrol Division says jewelry is common loot for burglars and does not believe there is one main jewelry thief targeting East Dallas homes.

“We are not currently working cases where we are looking for one jewelry thief,” Crawford says. “Jewelry is stolen during most burglaries even if the thief is there primarily for electronics. They are simply looking for valuables that are easy to carry and get the most money when pawned. Gold is at an all-time high so that makes jewelry even more tempting to take. Most burglars take anything of value, which means they will sometimes take jewelry only or electronics only — or both at the same time.”

As for problems with an alarm, unfortunately police say that it is the homeowner’s responsibility.

“The City of Dallas does attempt to send out renewal notices,” says Dallas Police Lt. Mackie D. Ham of the Northeast Patrol Division, “but if for some reason the notice fails to reach the homeowner, the burden falls on the owner to keep this up to date.”


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