The lock was cut and more than $900 in lawn equipment was stolen.

Cody Kachel has lived in his home in Lakewood North for two years. He recently was victimized when the shed behind his home was broken into.

“They walked off with all the lawn equipment,” Kachel says. “They must have had some kind of bolt cutters because the lock was cut and missing. It’s basically an annoyance more than anything.”

Kachel believes the previous owners of the home may also have experienced the same type of burglary.

The burglary has made neighbors a bit more vigilant, and they’re keeping an eye out for suspicious persons, Kachel says. He also has added security cameras to his home.

“Everybody’s staying alert. It woke up the neighborhood,” Kachel says.

After the burglary, Kachel provided police with serial numbers of the stolen equipment. Lt. Gloria Perez with the Dallas Police Northeast Patrol Division says serial numbers can be crucial for police to track down stolen property.

“This practice is very helpful for the detectives working the cases,” she says. “With serial numbers that identify the property, detectives can notify the pawn shop squad and relate the numbers to them so they can put a hold on the property so that it does not get sold.”

Perez offers several suggestions for residents to help secure detached sheds: Install a heavy-duty padlock, and install an alarm system to protect the shed. Residents also should ensure their homeowners insurance covers items in a shed, she says. Some policies don’t cover detached storage buildings unless requested.

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