It’s hard to be sad when looking at Tilly, the French bulldog puppy who is still growing into her oversized ears. For owner K.D. Goodloe, that’s a good place to start. The Lower Greenville neighbor had a tough year in 2019. Not only did she lose her younger brother, Ty, her dog, Lily, died from an unexpected health complication. When Goodloe and her husband, Collin, got their new pet, they honored both deaths by combining their names into Tilly. “We really went back and forth about getting another dog,” Goodloe says. “We weren’t sure if we were ready to move on, but once we got Tilly, we knew it was the right decision. She helped us and comforted us.” The couple picked up the dog on New Year’s Eve and started 2020 with a new pet and a fresh start. The 4-month-old puppy loves to play with toys that come every month in her BarkBox and meet new friends at all the neighborhood patios. “She’s a wild one,” Goodloe says. “She is so curious and wants to play. Everybody wants to see her, and she gets a lot of attention.”