He’s blue, headless and armless, yet based on his muscle tone, he looks as though he frequents the gym.

His name is Manny Quinn. He’s about 6 feet tall, and he’s for sale.

Manny Quinn, the blue mannequin

Manny Quinn, the blue mannequin. Photography courtesy of Michelle Blakely

Manny is a mannequin and one of several unexpected items available for purchase on the Lakewood/East Dallas Online Garage Sale Facebook group.

Manny’s seller promoted the listing with a description to match the unusual item.

“Shh. Don’t tell him his worth. He has a big head for not having any heads at all,” the seller wrote.

Another item that strays from the typical offerings — chairs, desks and clothes, to name a few — is a 4-foot Modelo Lucha Libre bobblehead. This item, described by the seller as “very heavy,” already sold.

Modelo Lucha Libre bobblehead.

Modelo Lucha Libre bobblehead. Photography courtesy of Beverly Hoskins Koenig

But other products listed on the Lakewood group don’t weigh as much. Take, for instance, a large box of white shredded paper, meant for filling a basket or other container.

These and other items need a specific buyer. A limited edition, 7 inch tall, 10.5 inch wide tea pot shaped like Westminster Abbey had some broken pieces, but it found a home.

So too did a 15-by-9 inch wooden bunny with a chipped ear.

To read more about how Facebook groups can help items find new homes, click here.

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