At about 4:50 p.m. Wednesday I tuned in to The Ticket sports radio station just in time to hear M Streets dweller, Danny Balis, producer of The Hardline afternoon show, deliver the following joke: They are filming the next Hunger Games in far East Dallas and calling it the Munger games.

The one-liner was met with complete silence (known to listeners as a layout). Show host Mike Rhyner resumed programming momentarily, noting that Danny’s joke would appeal only to the most miniscule East Dallas niche.

“People who live in Junius Heights are cracking up right now,” Danny deadpanned.

They went on about how Danny, for his Munger Street reference, would probably be featured in the neighborhood newsletter — haha — and Danny said, “I’ll probably be on the cover of next month’s Advocate, giving a thumbs up.”

You know what, Danny? I want to put  you on the cover issuing a thumbs up — it would be our own niche-y inside joke. But then, I guess, the chances of our publisher or art director appreciating it would be slim. I do wish Rhyner had taken the opportunity during this segment to mention that he actually is going to be featured in our October Oak Cliff Advocate. (We also once ran a Q&A with co-host Corby Davidson in the Lake Highlands Advocate.)

Go ahead, laugh it up Danny. I think I understand. You are hurt that you are the only one on your show who has not yet appeared in the Advocate. Shoot me an email. Maybe we can work something out.

Side note: you can catch the guys from the Hardline and all the Ticket shows tonight at the Village Country Club’s Fight Night.

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