Several weeks ago, I asked the question here on the blog: What’s up with those cement stumps at so many of the newly constructed intersections along Skillman between Richmond and Mockingbird? I asked councilman Angela Hunt, who forwarded my request to someone else at the city, who eventually got back with me after a couple of weeks. Here’s what the city says…

Response: Construction of new sidewalks was not included in the Skillman Street resurfacing project. Typically, only deteriorated curb & gutter, driveway approaches, and sidewalk abutting the deteriorated curb & gutter is reconstructed with a resurfacing project. New sidewalk is not added, with the exception of the wheel chair accessible ramps at intersections where none exist.

There is a new sidewalk project planned to be built within the limits of the resurfacing improvement. The project was initiated through the Sidewalk Safety Program and funded by the 2003 Bond Program. The project includes new sidewalk from Mercedes to McCommas. It is estimated to begin construction March 2008.

Other locations where no sidewalks exist may be addressed by property owner petition or through the Sidewalk Safety Program. The Sidewalk Safety Program is a means to address a sidewalk need along an established pedestrian path, such as a path from a neighborhood to a school. Sidewalk Safety requests require a pedestrian count and a sidewalk construction feasibility study prior to submission to the Citizen Safety Advisory Committee (CSAC) for consideration. The property owners abutting the sidewalks will share in the cost of these improvements based on property zoning and property width.

The property owner petition program is a means to address a sidewalk need along the property of the petitioners. These requests require a petition sponsor to submit the request on customized petition forms. Once construction feasibility is determined, petition forms will be prepared and sent to the sponsor. Property owners share in the cost of the pavement, drive approaches and sidewalks.

Both programs are subject to the availability of construction funds in a capital bond program. Both of these requests may be initiated by contacting the Public Works and Transportation Department, Petition/Assessment section at 214-948-4215.

Citizen Contact Status: N/A

Staff Contact: Ben Cernosek, P.E.
Interim Assistant Director
Public Works & Transportation

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