The Heights announced the reopening of its dining room and bar with a witty video starring one of the owners. The Heights reopened June 1, and the video explains the eatery’s updated social distancing practices.

Derek Welch (A.K.A Ricki Derek) plays a fake doctor named Dr. Flavanhafen, who explains the restaurant’s new guidelines.

Dr. Flavanhafen told viewers that the eatery will open at 50 percent capacity, but assures customers that they can still “eat at 150 percent capacity.”

He then explains The Heights’ new sanitation rules. There will be several sanitation stations throughout the restaurant, and staff will wipe down surfaces with each new customer.

“As a fake doctor, I’ve always known that washing your hands is the best way to prevent the spread of germs,” Dr. Flavanhafen says.

He uses the acronym AWYHFTS to urge customers to “always wash your hands for thirty seconds.”

In a final farewell, Dr. Flavanhafen reminds customers to wear pants out of respect for their patrons.

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