It’s inevitable at our house. Each year, a couple of weeks after I bring home the Girl Scout cookies (the ones you have to buy because someone in your office’s daughter is selling them, but you don’t really mind because you love them), my husband comes home from the store with a tub or two of Thin Mint or Samoas ice cream. I usually try to stick to the Dreyer’s slow-churned light flavors, or Ciao Bella sorbet (anyone tried the Blood Orange?), but I don’t object to this stuff because it’s yummy and it’s rare.

The flavors are both Dreyer’s special editions sold only during January through April, according to the company’s website. Thin Mint is chocolate ice cream with crushed thin mints, and Samoas is vanilla with crushed samoas. The trick is to buy them whenever you see them because even the stores that carry them often run out. The first time we spotted them this season (yes, Girl Scout cookie ice cream has a season) was this week at Tom Thumb on Lovers and Skillman. My husband claims he bought the last two tubs in the store, so I don’t know if I can suggest you go look there.

The weird thing is that if you do a search on the Dreyer’s website for Thin Mint or Samoas ice cream, it shows that nothing in our neighborhood carries the flavors.  But I would have sworn I saw them at Target last year.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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